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Recording and Retrieval Instructions

1. Go to the "Reports" tab.
2. Select Conferences report from the drop down menu.
3. Select the date range your conference occurred.
4. Select create.

5.  Your recording will be displayed as a speaker icon you can:
            - left click and listen to the recording
            - right click and save as target
            - hover over the icon and it will display the reference number

Recording Playback Instructions

To listen to the recorded conference, the moderator (host) must provide attendees with the playback call-in number and access code. Please note, this number is different from the conference dial-in number or conference id number.  It is a separate reference number. 

When users call into the recording playback number, they will be prompted to enter the access code.  Once confirmed, the system willplay back the recorded conference.  During playback, the user can scroll forward or backward through the recorded conference.

*1     Rewind 30 seconds

*2     Fast Forward 30 seconds

*5     Pause/resume playback


Refer to Recording Retrieval Instructions item 5 to locate recording playback reference number.

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