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Quality Conference Call Glossary of Terms

CDR File (Call Data Record)

contains information such as phone number of the caller, time entered, disconnect time, and length of conference.

Conference Bridge

enables digital voice to enter from many lines into a server to be mixed and sent back out over multiple lines.

Conference Id

the number entered by the moderator and participants to enter the conference


refers to the webcontrol feature screen. It is your connection to the conference bridge. It is like your "control panel."


is the phone number assigned to you to give you access to your conference

Digital Lines

provide the purest signal into the conference bridge on fiber optic lines and assures clear signal leaving the conference bridge.

Free Conference Call

Quality Conference Call provides you free access to the conference bridge. You only pay what your long distance provider charges you per minute.


refers to the "phone keys" used to control various functions from the phone during the conference.


refers to the host of the call. This person is in charge of the majority of the keypad or webcontrol functions during the conference.

Moderator pin

refers to the number entered by the moderator to differentiate the moderator from the participants.

Operator a person available to you for questions.
Participant a member of the conference, other than the moderator.
Recording Playback Feature refers to an access number the moderator gives to his participants so they can call back into the conference bridge to listen to a previously recorded conference.

refers to not needing to reserve a time with us to have your conference. You can start your conference at any time and conference for as long as you like.

UI Config (User Interface Configuration)

is a function on the dashboard that gives you access to change the number of participants you can view per page while in conference.

Wav file is the format that your conference is recorded.

a web-based interface (usually your pc) that gives you access to control many of the conference features during the conference call.

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