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Option 2: Free Conference Call with Web Control

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Free Conference Call with the added feature of web control. It works on all phones, except VoIP and pay phones. This combination of services allows you to make free conference calls and use your internet connection to manage the conference calls from your web account. This user friendly service requires only your name, e-mail address, preferred user name and a password to activate your free web account. A conference call can accommodate up to 250 participants. The Quality Conference Call system is available to you 24/7 with no time limits.

Web control accounts can access their recordings for listening or download from their online account dashboard. The files will be present at the end of a conference and stored for approximately 30 days. Recording and retrieval instructions can be found on the Conference Instructions page.

Why Should You Use Free Conferencing with Web Control?
Full Web Control of Conferences
Full-Featured Service
Easy to Use
No Conference Time Limit
No Bill
Recording Playback Feature
Recording and Retrieval Capability- listen or download
Conference Instructions
1. Get a Free Conference Call with Web Control dial-in number and Conference ID. 
2. Inform all participants of the conference date and time, along with the dial-in number and Conference ID. 
3. Have participants call the dial-in number and enter the Conference ID followed by the # key when prompted.
4. Participants will announce themselves at the chime. It's that easy!

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