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Conference Call Instructions

Participant Instructions | Recording Instructions | Recording Playback Instructions
Web Dashboard Instructions | Q&A Mode Instructions


Information for the conference will be provided by the moderator. Use the call-in number to call the bridge. When prompted, enter the conference id number followed by the # key. When your number is confirmed you will be allowed into the conference. Await instructions from your moderator. Your keypad controls are displayed on the “Participant Keys” graphic below.
Participants Dialer


Provide all your callers with the date and time of the conference, the call-in number and the conference id. When you use the call-in number to call the conference bridge for your conference, you will be prompted to enter the conference id followed by the # key. Upon confirmation of the conference id number you will be prompted to enter the * key for moderator status, and then prompted to enter your moderator pin followed by the # key. You will then be prompted to press “1” to enter the conference, “2” to enter the “Extended Menu Options” (mainly for Option 1 or “phone only” moderators) or “**” to listen to a Menu of Available Commands. This menu can be entered any time during the conference by pressing “**.”

Tip: If you need to enter the Extended Menu Options, do so before you enter the conference. After you enter the conference you will be unable to re-enter the Extended Menu Options. Moderator keypad controls are displayed on the graphic below.
Moderator Dialer

Recording Retrieval:

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Recordings are available for download or listening from the web control dashboard. Recording playback feature is also available for all options.
Instructions for starting and stopping recording using just the phone line:
- Only the moderator can start and stop a recording
- *2 to start the recording
- *2 to stop the recording
Instructions for starting and stopping recording using Webcontrol:
- while in your conference click the record button
- you will hear that the recording has started
- click the record button again
- you will hear that the recording has stopped
- only the moderator name appears under the User Name column. Other participants will be identified by phone number.

Recording Retrieval

recording image 2
Clicking on the "WAV Files" will show you a list of recorded conferences
recording image 3
You have three options:
- you can listen to the recorded conference from the dashboard.
- You can right-click and save the file as target.
- You can use the recording playback feature to listen to a pre-recorded conference at your convenience.
Converting wav to mp3
To convert wave to mp3 you will need to download software from the internet. There are many options available depending on your operating system (Window, Linux, or Mac). Many are free and some are pay. You will find a list at: and we suggest the dBPowerAmp or XingMP3 encoders because they are fast for converting large files like those associated with conference calls.
Recording Playback Instructions

For non-web callers (Option 1, or phone only), call the recording playback number and enter the conference id followed by the # key. Both of these numbers will be provided to you by your moderator. If there is only one recording stored it will auto-play. If there is more than one recording stored you will be prompted to enter 0#. The non-web accounts will only be able to play the most recent recording made.

For web-account callers (Option 2 or 3), call the recording playback number and enter the conference id followed by the # key. Both of these numbers will be provided to you by your moderator. If there is only one recording, it will auto-play. If there are multiple recordings, you will be prompted to enter 0# for the most recent recording or a reference number (also obtained from the moderator) to listen to another recording. The reference number can be found in the moderator’s web dashboard in the wav files. It is the last few numbers following the conference id number under the File Name. It will look something like this: conf123456 98765.wav. The reference number you enter will be 98765.

A keypad for the recording playback feature has been provided below for your reference.

***Anyone that has your Conference Id has the ability to listen to your most recent recording at any time. If you do not want others to have access to your most recent recording without entering the reference number, the moderator can make a short recording after the conference. This will “hide” the most recent conference and make it necessary to enter the reference number to access this recorded conference. ***

recording keypad


Web Dashboard Instructions:

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Here we will provide instructions for use of the webcontrol. We will start with a snap shot of the dashboard with an explanation of each feature.
Webcontrol Dashboard Quality Conference
Under the current user you will see your user name followed by a list of commands that can be selected to reveal further options. For this illustration all options have been selected to reveal their corresponding drop- down options.
Call Management
View/Manage Calls
- you are able to view your conference only when in progress.
- you are able to view the number of participants in your conference
Webcontrol Call Management Quality Conference
- you are able to select from the drop-down box behind the participant to allow them to be:
  • Active (participate in the conference)
  • Mute (able to listen only)
  • Hold (unable to listen or be heard)
- you are also able to drop the caller from the conference

Conference Management
View/Manage Conferences
- you are able to view your conference in a different format
- if you select drop, you will drop the entire conference
Webcontrol Conference Management Quality Conference
- you can select your conference id and it will list the members in your conference
- you can select the number of participants and that will show you a list of members in your conference
recording image 1
- you can again change the status from Active, Mute, or Hold
- you can also increase the gain or volume for each participant
- you can again drop any caller
- you can record the conference
- you can lock the conference and prevent any other participants from entering the conference

Q&A Mode Instructions For Options 2 and 3
- Login and go to your online dashboard.

- Click on “Conference Management” and then “View/Manage Conference” (You are able to view a Q&A screen only when the conference is in progress)

- Click on the name or number under “User Name” or the number under “Participant”(either one will take you to a Q&A screen)

- Explain to your callers that it is time for questions and you will be muting everyone. The moderator can mute everyone by pressing “##” or changing the “Status” dropdown to “Mute” on the screen. Callers will need to press “11” to raise their hand to ask a question. (Even though everyone is muted they will still be able to hear the moderator.)

- The moderator answers a question by clicking on the icon that will appear under the “Q&A” column after a caller has raised their hand.

After the Q&A is over the moderator can “unmute” everyone by pressing 99 on their telephone or by changing the “Status” dropdown to “Active” on the screen.

TIP: It is always a good idea to change the “refresh” dropdown to 10 seconds. This allows for quick recognition of a raised hand as well as caller arrival or departure.

WAV files
- this is where your recordings are posted
- you can listen to your recordings
- you can delete your recording
- you can right click and "save as target" to save it to your computer
- please refer to the Recording Instructions section for how to download and convert your wav file to MP3
recording image 3
CDR (Call Data Recordings) files
- while in a conference you can generate a CDR file that will show you a wealth of information
  • phone number
  • length on conference
  • how they disconnected
  • what time they entered the conference
Webcontrol CDR Files Quality Conference
CDR Reports
- here you can access all previously made CDR files
Edit Profile
- here you can change certain aspects of your log in
Webcontrol User Profile Quality Conference
- items that can not be changed are:
  • user type
  • conference id
- you can change your:
  • allow to join
  • Yes (on hold) - the conference will not start until the moderator joins, but the participants are allowed to wait for the moderator
  • Yes (Conference) - participants can start conferencing before the moderator joins
  • No - participants are not allowed into the conference until the moderator has joined the conference
- you can change upon request:
  • name
  • moderator pin
  • username
  • password
  • email
- for extended menu see the extended menu page
UI Config
- this allows you to select how many participants you can view per page while holding a conference
Webcontrol UI Config Quality Conference
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